2014 March Market Trends

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Advice for November 2013

An accurate selling price for your house can be difficult to determine because of the many factors involved. Start with comparing sales of homes recently sold in your area. Calculate the going rate per square footage. Visit other open houses to see what is on the market. Take area market conditions into consideration. Call me for help in determining what price range is best in your area.

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Advice for October 2013

Who can sell your house the fastest and get the best price – that is the question. Agents should be upfront with you about their qualifications. How long have they been working in the area; what type of marketing plan will they use to sell or find your house; what type of fees are involved in their service? Call me, I want your business.

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Advice for September 2013

Having a home inspection done before you purchase is an important step towards protecting your investment. When looking for an inspector, ask about their qualifications and experience. Ask the inspector about their area of expertise, and review a sample report to see what details the inspection will cover. And, always check references. Call me for reliable resources.

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Advice for August 2013

A clean, well-maintained home is a happy home. A clean home is inviting and creates a sense of comfort. A clean home is also healthier, and tells others that you have taken good care of it. Potential problems are easier to spot. Staying on top of basic cleaning and maintenance can be a big payoff later. Call me and I can help create a home maintenance plan.

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Advice for July 2013

You cannot increase the size of a room or can you? While you cannot increase square footage, you can affect the appearance of size. Clean up clutter on end tables and add a vase of flowers. Replace drapes with lightweight window coverings or blinds. Add a large mirror on an empty wall or space. Call me for additional staging ideas.

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Advice for June 2013

Before you begin remodeling, consider all aspects of the project and how it fits into your lifestyle. Choose the highest quality materials and do the job right the first time. Lower quality items won’t last as long, and major repairs can be costly. Talk to an expert, someone who has worked with different products and knows what works best. I have suggestions to guide you through home projects, give me a call.

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